CAD software for designing street lighting networks

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Main features

MeteorCalc SL is a CAD plugin for designing electrical part of outdoor lighting networks such as street lighting and tunnel lighting installations. The software fully automates all electrotechnical calculations, computations of specifications and drawing of electrical schemes. The productivity of outdoor lighting designers increases several times when using this plugin.

The main features are:

  • Automated computation of specifications and explications of equipment;
  • Automated drawing of detailed single-line schemes of street lighting feeders;
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents according to IEC60909 (last edition 2016);
  • Calculation of voltage losses in street lighting feeders with an unbalanced load;
  • Calculation of power sum and load currents in street lighting feeders and distribution panel boards;
  • Adjustable cable database according to regional standards.

MeteorCalc SL supports the 400/230V (TN) 50Hz voltage systems in street lighting networks and the Metric system of units in dwg-files. The nominal voltage is adjustable within 220/380V - 250/440V according to regional standards.

(Note: The program is not intended for performing lighting calculations).

Street lighting network model

The street lighting model should be created in a drawing with scale 1 unit = 1 meter. The MeteorCalc SL enables to create street lighting models of any level of complexity. Restrictions quantity of branches and their level of an enclosure are not present.

MeteorCalc SL - Street lighting network model

The street lighting model can be located in a separate dwg-file or can be situated directly in the street lighting project file as the part of your project.

Schemes of street lighting feeders

Drawing of accurate and detailed schemes of street lighting feeders is very simple with the MeteorCalc SL.

MeteorCalc SL - Schemes of street lighting feeders

For drawing a scheme MeteorCalc SL carries out SC-current calculations and voltage loss calculations in the selected end point.

Electrotechnical calculations

The MeteorCalc SL allows to perform all required electrical calculations for designing street lighting installations. The minimum and maximum short-circuit currents are calculated according to IEC60909 (last edition 2016) for all end points in the street lighting feeders.

MeteorCalc SL - Electrotechnical calculations

According to the IEC 60909 for balanced and unbalanced short circuits it is useful to calculate short-circuit currents by application of symmetrical components. The symmetrical components method allows to calculate all types of short-circuit currents at any point in a street lighting feeder with a high degree of accuracy.

A street lighting feeder is a three-phase electric circuit with unbalanced, distributed loads. Load currents and voltage losses in street lighting feeders with an unbalanced load are calculated for each phase individually taking into account a voltage loss in the neutral conductor.

The program has a calculation process, which is open to monitoring. On user request every step of all the electrical calculations can be thoroughly checked.

Specifications and explications

The MeteorCalc SL allows to obtain the following specifications and explications of SL-objects:

  • Specifications of street lightig units;
  • Specifications of street lightig poles;
  • Specifications of pole supports and foundations;
  • Specifications of luminaires;
  • Specifications of cables;
  • Specifications of cable tracks;
  • Specifications of internal wiring and equipment in poles;
  • Specifications of earthing devices.

Results of the specification are output into the drawing in a form of a table.

MeteorCalc SL - Specifications and explications

The MeteorCalc SL also allows creating external report file with calculation results for the selected category. External report can be created as text file or exported as csv-file to an external spreadsheet application.

Data library for street lighting units

The MeteorCalc SL has fully edited Data Library. The user edits the street lighting units Data Library to create equipment and material types list necessary for work, accounting for regional and national standards and specifics of the task to solve.

The number of categories is fixed. Within each category, the user can define any number of street lighting units according to the needs and tasks to be solved by the user. The user may add, edit and delete any street lighting units. After adding new street lighting units into the data library, those become available via object data assignment and view window.

MeteorCalc SL - Data library for street lighting units

Structure of data storages

The MeteorCalc SL has two data storages located in the user"s computer. Data from the Data Library and the Data Archive are accessible only to the current user.

The Data Repository allows to use data of street lighting units for several users. For this purpose the shared Data Repository can be created on a server or on any other machine that can be accessed.

Data library for power cables

The MeteorCalc SL has the fixed database of electrical power cables. The cables database is destined to support actually any electrical power cable type used in street lighting networks.

MeteorCalc SL - Data library for power cables

Supported CAD platforms

  • AutoCAD except AutoCAD LT. Most vertical products: Architecture, Civil 3D, MAP, Mechanical, Electrical, Plant 3D
  • BricsCAD (Classic, Pro, Platinum). Vertical products: BricsCAD Sheet Metal, BricsCAD BIM
  • GstarCAD (Professional, Academic, Standard) except GstarCAD Light. Vertical products: Architecture, Mechanical