What's New

Check out how MeteorCalc SL improves from version to version.

Version 2.14

Support of new attributes in scheme blocks to show data of electrical equipment (fuses and internal wiring).

A scheme block can have new attributies for data of protection devices and internal wiring in street lighting poles. For details refer to the Help chapter > How to use MeteorCalc > Output > Scheme Blocks.

MeteorCalc SL - Fuses in Scheme

Updated scheme blocks with new attributies are available in a template file supplied with the MeteorCalc SL.

New ability to change feeder names (prefix of feeder name). Since the version 2.14 the user can define any prefix of feeder name. Refer to the MeteorCalc’s „Program Options > General Settings“ to define a new prefix.

New ability to change precision of cable length. The user can set precision of cable length shown in dialog windows, in tables of specificatoins and on cable markers. Refer to the MeteorCalc’s „Program Options > Cables and Cable Markers“. By default, the MeteorCalc uses precision of cable length = one decimal place (one digit to the right of a decimal point). There are following values to set precision of cable length:

  • to round to the nearest integer;
  • one digit to the right of a decimal point;
  • two digit to the right of a decimal point.

New messages for specifications and feeder calculation commands. There are cases when some elements of a street lighting model are left without assigned data. If a street lighting feeder contains blocks of SL-units or cable lines without data, the MeteorCalc offers to mark these blocks by fixed auxiliary markers around blocks and/or change color of polylines. Now the user can easily find such objects in the drawing and assign data for them.

MeteorCalc SL - SLU and Cables without data

Markers are drawn on the auxiliary layer „mtr-calc-sl-aux1“. You can always delete them manually or using the „Audit Model“ command.

Version 2.1

Individual scheme blocks. Now the user can define an individual scheme-block for each street-lighting unit code separately. A full name of a scheme-block is created by concatenation of two strings: the "MTR_SCHM_" prefix and a code of a street lighting unit, as it is used in the Data Library.

For details refer to the Help chapter > How to use MeteorCalc > Output > Scheme Blocks.

Changes in the „Draw Scheme“ window. The "Insertion of scheme blocks" drop-down list has been added. This property defines what scheme-blocks are used to draw the scheme. It can be set to "Find and insert individual scheme blocks" mode or to "Insert default scheme blocks" mode).

The "Links" button has been added. During scheme drawing the MeteorCalc creates temporary links between blocks of the model and corresponding blocks of the scheme. If you press the „Links" button, you can view or delete these temporary links.

For details refer to the Help chapter > How to use MeteorCalc > Output > Draw Scheme.

Changes in the „Multi Insert“ command. This command supports new-format polylines (LW-polyline) and old-fomat polylines (2D-polyline) as base for inserting of blocks.

New command - „Manual Numbering“. Now the manual numbering of street lighting units blocks is available. You find the new „Manual Numbering“ command on the „Feeder Objects“ panel of the ribbon.

Tested in AutoCAD 2019 Tested in BricsCAD V18 Tested in GstarCAD 2018

Version 2.0

The main difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is that MeteorCalc SL is now multiplatform. Supported CAD platforms: AutoCAD and most vertical products, BricsCAD and GstarCAD.

The "Cable Markers Manager" command was added. Now you can refresh data of all cable markers on the current tab and indicate updated markers. This very useful command checks data and length of each cable span, finds corresponding cable marker and updates it. Also this command allows to detect and delete invalid cable markers in the drawing.

MeteorCalc SL - Cable Markers Manager

Direct addition of street lighting unit data to the Data Library. There are situations when you open a file with street lighting model designed by others users, but some descriptions of street lighting units are missing in your Data Library. Now the MeteorCalc SL allows you to add the missing type of a street lighting unit to the Data Library directly from Unit Data window.

If the MeteorCalc SL detects an unknown type of street lighting unit, it generates the "Add to Data Library" button bottom of the Unit Data window. Just press this button to add all the data of this street lighting unit to corresponding category of your Data Library.

MeteorCalc SL - Add to Data Library

New category of specifications. The version 2.0, in addition to all the general specifications of the equipment, will help you to calculate in one click the total length of the cable tracks, separately for underground cable laying and for overhead lines.

MeteorCalc SL - Cable Tracks

New data and specifications of an internal wiring. The version 2.0 will help you to obtain separate specifications for the internal wiring and protective equipment of street lighting poles. Now you can assign two types of an internal wiring to each street lighting unit in the Data Library.

MeteorCalc SL - Wiring

MeteorCalc SL - Wiring

Tested in AutoCAD 2018 Tested in BricsCAD

Version 1.7

Cable designations on schemes, specifications, explications and cable markers were enhanced with a few new options. There are three cable designation modes:

  • Mode 1. Cable type and nominal voltage (this mode is set by default);
  • Mode 2. Phase wires material only;
  • Mode 3. Symbol of cable construction plus phase wires material.

You can use the modes 2 and 3, when usage of real cable brands is undesirable in the project. Refer to "Program Options" -> "Cables and SL-Units" panel-> "Cable designation mode" popup list.

MeteorCalc SL - Settings of Cables and Street Lighting Units

Tested in AutoCAD 2018

Version 1.6

The "Cable Construction" window was changed. The controls for choosing of a phase conductors material are moved to the "Cable Construction" window. We've also updated the content of the "Cable Data" window.

MeteorCalc SL - Multi Core Cable Construction

New "Import SL Cables" command was added. This command allows to import cable lines from Xref or from selected layer of the current drawing. The command works in the semi-automatical mode, drawing a polyline from a block to a block.

New types of traverses and arms are added into "Floodlight Masts" category.

Tested in AutoCAD 2018

Version 1.5

The procedure of short-circuit current calculations was changed according to IEC 60909 (2016). Please, note that several conditions of the main procedure of short-circuit current calculations, described in the IEC 60909, have been changed in 2016. Since version 1.5 MeteorCalc SL performs electrotechnical calculations based on the last version of the standard.

Now you can set the default value of Z-coordinate for each drawing individually. Refer to "Program Options" -> "Drawing Settings" panel.

MeteorCalc SL - Current Drawing Settings

Now you can change the output language of information tables. Refer to "Program Options" -> "General Settings" panel.

MeteorCalc SL - General Settings

Version 1.4

Tables of SL-unit explications have now the X- and Y-coordinates of SL-units. This feature is avalaible in the "DPB Specification" and "Feeder Specification" commands.

The "Color Feeder" command was added. For better readability of the model, cables of street lighting feeders can be painted in different colors.

Now you can set the default value of cable additional length separately for underground cables and overhead lines. Refer to "Program Options" -> "Cables and SL-Units" panel.

We've also introduced several bug fixes in order to enable support for the new street lighting unit typings in the Data Archive

Version 1.3

The Data Archive was added. The Data Archive is an auxiliary storage of street lighting units data. It's additional place for storage of auxiliary data or seldom used data. The Data Archive is located also on a user's computer. Street lighting unit data can be moved from the Data Library to the Archive and can be restored from the Data Archive to the Data Library.

The "Copy Data" command was added. You can copy data from source object to destination objects by the "Copy Data" command. The "Copy Data" command intended to assign or change data of several identical objects in a file. This command supports street lighting unit blocks and cable polylines.

Descriptions of electrotechnical calculation procedures were added to Help system. The short-circuit current calculations and voltage losses calculations procedures, rules of choosing a protective device is completely described in the MeteorCalc SL Help System.

Version 1.2

Structure of the street lighting units Data Library was changed. New categories and subcategories of street lighting units are added into the Data Library.

The "Audit Model" command was added. The “Audit Model” command helps you to detect and fix elusive errors of a street lighting model structure. (This command repairs the feeder structure if a feeder has following errors: two or more cable polylines are copied on top of each other; two or more street lighting units blocks are located at the same insertion point; there are cable polylines with a zero length).

Access to the Data Repository was changed. Now you can set and change path to the Data Repository via MeteorCalc SL options. Refer to "Program Options" -> "Data Library and Data Repository settings" panel.

Version 1.1

First release.

Tested in AutoCAD 2017